New York Interior Design Programs

There are many New York interior design programs available for
the aspiring design student. If the individual wishes to be on campus
then one school that offers an Associates Degree in Interior Design is
Berkeley College, which is located in midtown Manhattan.

College is a top New York interior design school that provides a real
world education that interior design professionals demand. The class
sizes are small and students get hands on training. Students receive
free lifetime career assistance as well. Internships are offered and
there is a large network of employer connections through the school.

New York interior design school campuses of Berkeley College are
located in White Plains. Berkeley is a recognized leader in preparing
students for their professional careers in interior design, 96% of
graduates secure jobs in their areas.

Other schools in the New
York interior design program offer online training. One of those schools
is Westwood College where you can obtain a Bachelors Degree in Interior
Design. An online program is designed for the student who feels that
they just do not have the time to attend classes for whatever reason but
still have the desire to obtain a well-respected degree in interior

Another New York interior design school that offers an
online degree is The Art Institute Online where the student can achieve a
Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. This school is a division of
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Whether you attend a New York interior design school
in person or online you will be prepared to enter the exciting and
creative world of Interior Design with the knowledge to succeed. Before
an Interior Designer receives his or her license, they must meet some
very strict guidelines. The Designer must have a combination of six
years of school and work experience before taking the licensing exam.
Once the Interior Designer has completed the six-year requirement, they
must pass a test administered by the National Council for Interior
Design Qualification.

Interior Designers wishing to do commercial
design work must have a bachelor's degree in interior design from an
accredited school. All Interior Design students including New York
interior design students will learn how to use computer aided design
(CAD) software. Securing an internship free is a good way to get
practical knowledge and experience. Internships can often lead to full
time positions.

New York interior design students must learn other
skills besides design to be successful professionals. Artistically
inclined is a good skill to have along with strong people skills. It is
recommended that New York interior designers take some business courses
as well since many Designers are self-employed. Interior Design is an
ever-changing profession and today's designer must stay up to date with
all the trends.