Belvedere Salon Furniture A Cut About The Best

If you are opening a new salon or upgrading your salon environment, Belvedere Salon Furniture is your destination for high quality spa or salon furniture. Design services are also available to help you create the atmosphere you want.

Belvedere began manufacturing salon furniture and equipment in 1927 in Belvedere, IL with only 10 employees, and an innovative idea for a new shampoo sink with a dip in it designed for customer comfort. They are a privately American owned company

Today, Belvedere is the largest most successful salon furnishings manufacturer in North America and is still constantly creating new, innovative Belvedere Salon Furniture with customer comfort in mind. Distributors are available throughout North America selling Belvedere Salon Furniture.

Belvedere manufactures a large variety of furniture and equipment to suit your style. Belvedere Salon Furniture manufactures styling, dryer, all purpose, children’s, reception, shampoo, manicure, and barber chairs, bases both fixed and hydraulic, vanities, display fixtures, desks, shampoo bowls and backwashes, dryers, mats, and roundabout carts.

Belvedere Salon Furniture is ergonomic, high quality, and the best in high fashion for the discriminating salon owner. This is important to the comfort of your customers. Having high quality, high fashion Belvedere Salon Furniture is perfect for creating just the right atmosphere.

Not only does Belvedere manufacture high quality Belvedere Salon Furniture, recently they have partnered with skin care guru Lydia Sarfati founding President of the EMDA (the Esthetics Manufacturer and Distributor Alliance), and board member of PBA (the Professional Beauty Association) to produce a new line of Belvedere Salon Furniture.

Thus producing the newest line of Belvedere Salon Furniture, the Lydia Sarfati Collection just announced in June 2008 featuring both the 3-in1 Spa for facials, pedicures, and manicures and the Multi-Purpose Facial Bed for facials, massages, and other body therapies such as waxing. This new line is cost effective, and time saving for both operator and patron.

Information on shows and events as well as Belvedere history, salon gallery, design services, financing, leasing, product literature, distributor locations with addresses, furniture and equipment information and photos, and Belvedere news at their website.

Salon customers deserve to have the high quality, style, and comfort of Belvedere Salon Furniture and equipment. Pampering people is what makes Belvedere Salon Furniture a first class choice for salon equipment and furnishings.