What makes a professional gardener and how to find a reliable one?

Many people love a beautiful garden and would like to have one in their homes. The difficulty is that they do not have the time nor the experience to maintain the garden properly. To take care of this problem, consider hiring a professional gardener. A professional gardener takes up gardening as a career and would handle the garden for an agreed amount of money.

What makes a professional gardener?

Whether your garden needs a bit of weeding or a complete overhaul, finding the right gardener will help to brighten its look. To understand what constitutes professionalism in gardening, you may have to consider the following:

· Qualifications

Though there is more to gardening than certificates, it adds more to the professionalism of your gardener if he or she has the educational qualifications. There are schemes available to a person interested in gardening such as NVQ, HND, NPTC and, RHS.

· Legal insurance

A professional gardener should have a public liability insurance capital that covers the damages that might occur to your properties. CHAS accreditation and a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) are signs of excellent professionalism. A professional gardener will also have his own set of tools rather than use yours.

· Quotes

Professional gardeners usually provide quotes for the work or service they provide. This quote should come in the form of writing and will list all the components of the work in detail.

How to find a reliable gardener?

The first question that must be answered before hiring a gardener is “what exactly do I want him or her to do?”. This will help in getting the right type of gardener. Gardeners offer a variety of service, depending on their level of experience and training. Some specialize in landscaping, others in tree surgery and others focus on the general maintenance of the existing designs.

· Get personal referrals

This can be considered as the most effective method for achieving reliability. Referrals from friends, family and neighbors remove the issues that relate to trustworthiness. This is because you can get insights into how they work and also how they charge.

· Check online

The internet offers a broader range of options that can be explored. Detailed information about the sites and their services allows for comparison that encourages effective choices. When browsing online, you have to pay attention to some specifics like the website design, benefits, pricing, contact methods, organization stamps and reviews. You must seek other customers’ opinions about professional gardeners before making a decision online. Reviews help to bolster reliability.

· Have an interview

Invite your preferred gardener for an interview before making your final decision. You can talk about their work and the experiences they have attained in the course of it. It would be best if you also asked questions that includes but is not limited to the amount of time they have worked as a gardener; the training they have; whether they offer a guarantee for satisfaction among others.

It is no easy task to have a fantastic garden, especially if there is a time constraint for maintenance. Hire a professional gardener and get your dream garden. A reliable gardener will only be as honest as you are.